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Sticker Pack: Superstars

FNAF Stickers

Bring the frightful fun of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria to your world with our Five Nights at Freddy’s Sticker Pack!

Each 3-inch sticker captures the eerie charm and 80’s glam rock aesthetic of the beloved horror video game. Matte laminated for a smooth, non-reflective finish, these stickers are perfect for fans who love a mix of playful and spooky.

- Freddy Fazbear: The charismatic mascot of the series, Freddy’s ready to light up your belongings with his rockin’ style and haunting smile. 🎤🦻
- Chica the Chicken: Always hungry for pizza and a good scare, Chica brings a touch of frightful fun to any surface. 🍕👻
- Roxanne “Roxy” Wolf: Obsessed with her appearance and always ready to dazzle, Roxy’s glam rock look will add a fierce vibe to your collection. 🐺💄
- Montgomery “Monty” Gator: With his cool, rebellious attitude, Monty brings the rockstar energy of the 80’s straight to your gear. 🐊🎸

Each sticker blends the playful horror and 80’s glam rock themes that make Five Nights at Freddy’s a fan favorite. Perfect for decorating your laptop, notebook, or any item that needs a touch of Freddy’s frightful fun.

Grab your pack today and let Freddy and friends take your style to the next level, one jump scare at a time! 🎸👾