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Stickers: Garden Pals

Stickers: Garden Pals

Garden Pals 3-Inch Matte Vinyl Stickers

Welcome to the whimsical world of Garden Pals! Our delightful 3-inch matte vinyl stickers bring the charm of a cozy cottage garden straight to your favorite surfaces.

🌸 **Madam Frog**: This charming amphibian sits elegantly donning a dainty sunhat, ready to join you on any adventure.

🌿 **Window Cat**: Resting on a window, this curious kitty loves basking in the sunshine after reading a good book.

🧺 **Teddy Bear Picnic**: Join cuddly teddy bears for a picnic, where the tea is always warm, and the company is even warmer.

🌼 **Black Flowerpot Cat**: Nestled in a flowerpot, this playful feline peeks out with bright eyes, surrounded by a sea of vibrant blooms.

🌷 **Fox Flowerpot**: A sweet little fox sits inside a cozy flowerpot, dreaming of forest adventures and fragrant blossoms.

πŸƒ **White Flowerpot Cat**: This serene white cat, bundled up in a delicate flowerpot, is the epitome of garden tranquility.

Each Garden Pal sticker is perfect for decorating your laptop, water bottle, journal, or any place that could use a sprinkle of cottage core charm. Made from high-quality vinyl, they are waterproof and durable, ensuring your garden friends stick with you through all seasons.

Bring a touch of garden magic to your day with Garden Pals! 🌿🐾🌸✨