Lee Bee Arts

Bee Yourself! Rainbow Bee Acrylic Keychain

Acrylic Bee Keychains with Epoxy

Buzz into cuteness with our Kawaii Bee Acrylic Keychains!

Designed by a small business artist, these charming keychains feature a variety of adorable bee characters that are sure to make you smile. Each keychain is double-sided with a playful bee butt on the back, adding a humorous touch to your everyday essentials. Coated with epoxy, they shine brightly and are built to last.

**Product Features:**

- Epoxy Coating: Adds a glossy, durable finish that keeps your bee looking its best.
- Double-Sided Design: Features a cute bee on the front and a cheeky bee butt on the back.
- Each keychain measures 2.5 inches wide, ideal for keys, bags, or anywhere you need a buzz of cuteness.

Six Delightful Variations:
- Cowboy Bee: Yeehaw! This bee is ready to round up some fun.
- Regular Bee: The classic bee-utiful look.
- Gardening Bee: Green thumb and buzzing around the garden.
- Jester Bee: Ready to bring a hive of laughter.
- Rainbow Bee: Celebrate pride with this colorful cutie.
- Ghost Bee (Boo Bee):** Spookily sweet and perfect for any season.

Whether you're a fan of puns or just love adorable accessories, these keychains are sure to bring a buzz of joy to your day.

Bee sure to grab your favorite and let these little cuties brighten your day wherever you go!